This approach to student behavior management brings results that everyone notices and appreciates.

Jim, Principal

Mr. Yeokum's techniques really work. I wish I would have learned these 20 years ago!

Pat, 8th Grade Teacher

Classroom Management Experts

"The number one factor that leads to student achievement is –
Classroom Management!"

Harry Wong

If you are experiencing student behavior problems, Discipline Matters can help.

Colleges and Universities provide teachers and administrators with little or no classroom management instruction. Canned classroom discipline programs found in books, videos and off-site training companies usually fall short of providing satisfactory long term solutions.

Our strategies will empower educators to:

  • Set up routines
  • Avoid power struggles
  • Handle defiant students
  • Remain calm (in the midst of chaos)
  • Not allow students to push their buttons
  • Develop their own bag of tricks

We offer tangible solutions and real-life applications that get positive, fast and successful results. We work on-site along side of your own staff. We use specific examples provided by your staff. We help administrators and teachers formulate customized training and student discipline (behavior management) programs that fit their school's particular and unique needs. We leave you with a program that will work for you. Yet it will be simple enough that your own staff can take it over, monitor for continued effectiveness and train all new comers.

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Teacher Training

Introductory course!

Here is an opportunity to do something in your own school.

Discipline Matters promises that your faculty will come away energized and more knowledgable about how to deal with discipline and behavior issues.

This dynamic seminar includes:

  • The Power of Relationships
  • The Power of Clarity
  • The Power of Choice

One and a half hours of training for up to 50 participants. Contact us for our first time client rate.